Thursday, February 09, 2006

Deleting Yahoo Account

For anyone who wants to delete their Yahoo account, just do the following:

Go to the Yahoo account deletion page and login with your username and password. Then, to confirm once and for all that you want to delete everything associated with your login profile, enter your password again and click the button that says ‘Terminate this Account.’
Your account is now gone.

Monday, October 17, 2005

My Favorite WinXP Tweaks

1. Clean your prefetch to improve performance.
2. Convert FAT32 To NTFS
3. Memory Performance Tweak
4. Shutdown XP Faster
5. Speed-up log-in tremendously!
6. Unload .dll's to Free Memory

Courtesy : TweakXP

List of DDL sites ...

If this is of any help to you, please support me by clicking the ads in my blog, before downloading the software/song/whatever. Thanx.

Software DDL sites : (use Google to get links)

1. PhazeDDL
2. Novawarez
3. Uploter
4. UltraDDL
5. PowerDDL
6. Graphy-DDL
7. NextDDL
8. VpnDDL
9. DDL2
10. SatanWarez
11. BatzDDL
12. JustDDL
13. X-DDL
14. DDLspot
15. FullDDL
16. PerfectDDL
17. EuroWarez
18. OnlyDDL
19. Limneos
20. WarezDDLs
21. SuperDDL
22. DDLvista
23. SimpleDDL

Enjoy & Chill !!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Useful Firefox Extensions

Here is a list of all the Firefox extensions that I use and recommend all FF users :

1. Flashgot
2. Noscript
3. Adblock
4. StumbleUpon
5. Dr.Web's anti-virus link checker
6. Groowe Search Toolbar
7. Session Saver
8. Image Zoom
9. DictionarySearch
10. Imageshack right-click
11. FasterFox
12. Tabbrowser Preferences
13. Adsense Notifier (for subscribers of Google Adsense)
14. Guru3d QuickNavigate (for Guru3d members)
15. FriendzforLife ForumNavigator (for FFL members)

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Folder Lock

Well guys,

I've downloaded a peace/piece of cool software called Folder Lock (ver 5.2.6). This's a very nice, handy and user-friendly software with a good GUI. It does the job of encrypting files/folder/drives. It promises the highest security. For example you cannot uninstall the program from control panel. You'll have to do it throught the program after giving a valid password. Moreover, the encryted files/folders are totally hidden and donteven appear in search files/folders.

The locked documents are so securely kept that even viruses/trojans can't affect it. Well, I recommend it to everyone and I rate it as an 'Aweware' (Awesome Software).

Monday, October 10, 2005

Time Travelling : System Restore

O my Savior ! You have saved my life (cyberlife) from immersing into the flames of hell.

This is what I think after using System Restore (in-built in Windows XP) for the first time. Not giving a heed to what 'experts' say, I prefer to keep my System Restore enabled. Now I worship my decision.

I had changed/tried to tweak some core settings of the OS, but things got jumbled up when I restarted the computer. Most of the fonts had vanished, the shell components were damaged etcetera, etcetera.

I decided to do a time-travel and used System Restore. Lo & behold ! Here I am. computing safely. So my inference, never turn off the System Restore !

Friday, October 07, 2005

Most favorite softwares dated 8.10.05

1. Diskeeper9 Pro
2. Spybot Search & Destroy
3. Spyware Blaster
4. ScreenPrint32
5. AntiVir Personal Edition
6. TuneUp Utilities 2006
7. WinASO Registry Optimizer
8. LimeWire Pro
9. FreshDownload
10. Yahoo Messenger 7

On Test :
1. Nod32 Antivirus
2. Ashampoo All-in-one Suite
3. Registry Mechanic
4. Error Doctor
5. Sony Sound Forge
6. WinBoost
7. TweakXP
8. ZoneAlarm Suite
9. WinISO
10. Advanced System Optimizer
11. Alcohol 120%
12. Avast Antivirus Home Edition ver 4.0.183
13. DVD Decrypter
14. Norton Partition Magic & Boot Magic
15. Winzip 10 beta

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Sites for "Freewares" !

5. KickMe
7. SoftArchive

Others :

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Yahoo Messenger 7

Well friends,

This maybe a stale news for you all. But today I'm gonna write about the latest version of Yahoo Messenger.

I remember opening my first email account in Yahoo! Mail............way back in 1996. I am still using that account. Yahoo Messenger came a little later and brought many surprises with it. It had some very cool features like instant messaging, instantaneous email notification, etc.

Then in the later versions came IMenvironments (really cool ones) and expansion of animated emoticons, news, games, weather, stocks, etc etc.

The latest add on are the photo sharing and (I call) "psedo-phonecalls". That's soooo cool man, voice-chatting was outta there for a long time and now like PM there's PP (Personal Phoning). But, I think the software has some bugs..........the ringer most of the times dont ring at all ....... I cannot receive phone-calls, etc. The messenger also chews on way too much memory.

Yahoo ought to work on this. Otherwise its supercool !

Monday, September 26, 2005

Google Adsense : Earning through your blog !

Well guys,

those of you visit here quite often, may have noticed that I had added some extras to both of my blogs. A Google sponsored ad banner here on top and a Google search box at the right sidebar.

You may wonder why I decided to add the scripts to my blog, which makes it look like ............well........kinda 'commercial' sort. However, if you already dont know, here's a surprise for you !

I came across this idea when an unknown person left a comment to one of my posts stating in brief the concept of Adsense. I became interested and here I am now.

Google Adsense gives you the oppotunity to earn through your blog with no extra work. All you have to do is to paste some scripts in your blog's template (there is even a tutorial included for HTML novices in the site), and whenever a visitor to your blog clicks on one of the ads in the ad-banner or clicks any Google ads in the Search Results page by searching from your blog's Google Search box, you get paid. That is, after pasting the scripts, all you have to do is to count money. Those using Firefox, can add on an extension which keeps an eye on your Adsense earnings when you are online.

Though the idea seems to be fantastic, you know, its not that easy to be rich. Well, to say the truth, I am richer by $0.72 after about a week. Moreover, you wont get the money before it gets to $100. If it takes a decade to get to $100 from $99.90, well, you have to wait !